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Guardian Angel Hospice Standards
Step Training Method
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Highly trained, confident team

Guardian Angel Hospice is proud of the high quality, intensive, hands on training that we give each new employee in our state of the art Training Lab. Every employee is trained in the classroom and in the lab using our System 7 Training Method – this teaching method ensures that all employees are knowledgeable and have all the tools necessary to do their jobs to the best of their ability utilizing the 20 Guardian Angel Hospice Standards. Our training commitment to you, the employee, is that you will be trained to 100% of the standards and you will never be put in a situation where you cannot succeed. Guardian Angel Hospice trains and certifies 100% of our staff in our perfect hospice visit.


The Guardian Angel Hospice Visit is less clinical… to make the journey more comforting… more fulfilling. We have created a visit structure system that anticipates needs, manages expectations, and validates the caregiving role. Thirty-Five Learning Modules have been designed and taught to all employees so they can lead patients and caregivers through the end of life journey. Only Guardian Angel Hospice brings this level of service and quality. We focus more on managing pain and symptoms.


Because... if it were your mom, that's what you would want. 

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